Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Clamour for Second Term to Raghuram Rajan as SBI Chairmen of RBI

The term of the RBI Chairmen Mr. Raghuram Rajan ends with September 2016. However, already his supporters are calling for an extension of his tenure with one more term. This report http://zeenews.india.com/business/news/economy/rupee-and-bond-market-at-risk-if-raghuram-rajan-not-given-a-second-chance-clsa_1882875.html even says that rupee is at risk if he is not extended. All this sounds very familiar is it not? I mean Manmohan Singh(MMS) version 2 in making. I am not an economist or any supporter of Rajan. In fact, I feel all the UPA appointees are guilty unless proved otherwise.

The media hero worshiping of Rajan and efforts to create a new savior of dirty Indians rings all the familiar tones from the times of MMS and nothing else.

This usual clamour for a US Green card holder is regular feel to it.   In the case of MMS entire credit of reforms were given to him and nothing to Sri P.V. Narasimha Rao the PM at that time. The reason for ignoring Narasimha Rao is well known. Similarly, entire credit of the lowering inflation entirely attributed to Rajan completely ignoring the role of Indian Government which has strictly followed financial prudence and made many structural reforms and tried to rain in the prices of food commodities, etc. This time, also the reasons for ignoring Sri Modi are well known.

Let us examine RBI role as a regulator of Banks under him. Any reasonable person would have seen NPA problem 3 to 4 years ago. He neither said anything about it until recently nor done anything to stop further accumulation of NPA till date. Ignoring RBI guidelines are very frequently. Huge levels of NPA show how pathetic the RBI’s annual financial inspections of banks are during his tenure. Entire appraisal and lending process have gone to a toss for the last several years. RBI did nothing. As almost every one in the banking sector knows about it and one can be sure that Mr. Rajan also knows it.  Thing happened. He seems to be busy making statements like the one-eyed person is a king in the land of the blind. This arrogance is being potrayed as truth by enlish media which do not want to give any credit to present NDA government for saving the nation from the abyss of UPA times.  

What major reforms we have seen in the functioning of RBI in the recently? None. Yes, he has given licenses for three more banks. Any reasonable person in the free enterprise would have removed this entire licensing drama altogether. Now we hear that he is trying to do something called “on tap” thing as per media reports. Anyone who can look into Indian banking sector knows that we are one of the most under-banked nation in the world. He merely continued the same license, permit, quota raj of old times.  He talked a lot about Payment Banks etc. and what happened on the ground? Nothing.  It is the Prime Ministers personal interested which saw a huge number of accounts under Jan Dhan Yojana and brought large sections of poor people under banking. This can be termed as one the most significant events in Indian Banking sector since nationalisation, and the role of RBI in this is NIL.

There is also no significant change in the functioning of RBI. For all major announcements and publicity given for initiatives like whistleblower mechanism, no one even reports any irregularities to RBI out of fear as those who reported lost their jobs and even when written to Rajan personally, he did nothing.

The truth is Mr. Rajan like many others before he acted as a glorified babu.Let us not make too much of his contributions and achivements as RBI Chairmen.        

Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Worldwide political correctness is a path for destruction

I heard the address of the U.S. President Obama speaking from the White House on the terror attack on San Bernardino. The headlines in the Washington Post said that it reflects a struggle to be heard. Ironic, is it not? This is a person who won two presidential elections mainly by out talking his opponents.  Just for his elocution skills, he got a Nobel Peace prize. If this happens to him then, there is something seriously wrong with the message itself.
He, just like many other politicians and opinion makers, is not willing to seriously discuss the issue of terror arising out of Islamic religious thought. Terrorists are time and again claiming that they are following Islam.  The larger Muslim community is saying at least in public theirs is a religion of peace and does not preach violence. Then why some Muslims are indulging in serious terror and claim that they are following Islam. Many of the terrorists come from well-to-do families. Victims of terror personally did nothing to deserve this from the terrorists. So there are no personal reasons for these heinous crimes. Terrorists are just indulging in random killings of innocent people because of their religion or national identity. These people are either mad or have a  strong reason for doing such things.
We all know that Islam and Christian religions were horribly violent for a long time. This violence resulted in destroyed many ancient religions and great civilizations. Such long and offensive conduct shows there is no central of peaceful behavior or tolerant conduct in these two religions.
However, many Christian-majority nations are now secular democracies.  Most of them even profess multiculturalism. As a result, Christianity lost most of its violent nature. At least, for now.  Islam, on the other hand, has not reformed with the passage of time. On the contrary, it became more conservative in nature with many schools like Wahabis now influencing religious thought more and more.  Almost all Islamic nation states are not secular and not democracies. Muslims, as people, also are mostly peaceful in nature.  However, Islamic ideology in remains to be violent. There are several passages in Quran, which support, incite and justify violence on non-Muslims. The conduct of Mohammad, the best person among men according to Islam, is also violent. Muslims are required to emulate him. It is, therefore, difficult for Muslims to denounce these fundamental tenants of Islam. The social structure of most of the Islamic societies is feudal or tribal in nature. Religious dissent or reform is not possible in such societies. Hence, it may take a long time for Muslims to reform. Meanwhile, the attacks on non-Muslims and the Jihad will continue.  Political leaders and other opinion makers world over are not ready to admit this problem.  According to them, Islam is a peaceful religion and terrorist are just confused people. The entire history of Islam shows otherwise. No major reform in Islamic thought suggests that it changed its nature in any significant way. In fact, the Wahabis want to make it more literal, more repressive and violent. This movement now called a Wahabi School receives huge funds from donations. There are thousands of madrasas teaching this ideology world over. Most of the present set of terrorists come from this school. However, we cannot blame every terror attack or violent action done by followers of Islam in this school alone. Wahabis do not do genocide in Armenia, Bangladesh, etc. The people with same ideas did these things. Wahabis may be a school of thought. However, they seem to be saying nothing new to Islam. Wahabis are not proposing any new interpretation or ideas on fundamental Islamic doctrine.

It is here opinion makers around the world need to play a role. It shall point out the problems in Islam to Muslims and urge them to change. Now they are not doing it. For that, it shall admit the part violence plays in the Islamic ideology. They are failing in their duty by denying the existence of this the problem itself.  To say that Islam is peaceful, and the terrorists are misguided is politically correct to do. It would be suicidal to say otherwise. However, slowly the non-Muslims are seeing the violent reality of Islam with their own eyes. Unless the political leaderships accept the fact in public, they will be swept away in the public anger.  The Nationalist Party of France got about 30% votes polled in the provisional elections held recently. It emerged as the biggest party in 6 out of 13 regions of France. Donald Trump is now leading the pack for the Republican Presidential nomination. There is tremendous opposition in US and Europe on their governments’ steps in allowing Syrian refugees into their countries. The political leadership around the world shall at least now recognize that image of Islam suffers seriously as some of its followers involvement in terror. How can they say Islam is peaceful when your people are seeing Islamic beheadings on their Televisions day after day?  Soon people stop believing their leaders, just like they stopped accept as truth in many others things these leaders say. It is required to confront Islam ideologically to stop the terror emulating from it.  It is impossible to wage an ideological struggle with Islam without stopping these lies.
In India alone, over 800 years long Jihad killed an estimated 120 million people, mainly Hindus.  With such background, it is hard to convince Hindus of the supposed peaceful nature of Islam. The Genocide on Kashmiri Pundits and the violence during partition along with many other riots etc. mostly initiated by violent Muslim mobs since independence show that almost nothing changed in Islam from the medieval period.
It is time for people to look seriously at the ideas that are fundamental to Islam. Self-delusions and political correctness will only lead to destruction.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Parasites joining gharwapasi club to damage the nation.

For the last few weeks the media in India and now around the world is full of reports about writers returning their Sahithya Academy awards, film makers returning film awards and even an odd scientist returning their Padma award. We have discredited historians whose Marxist ideological moorings are well known even taking protests for the first time in the history. The reasons all these people publicly claim are varied from, killing of three rationalists two of whom killed before the present government even came to power, allegations of attack on “Idea of India”, intolerance on dissent with killing of muslim man by some people in UP state alleged for having killed a cow. There is also a bizarre allegation that they present government lack scientific temperament. This set of people whom we can now call as award wapasi club are all over television news channels and press making all kinds of allegations many of which very hard to believe. People are invited on Television Channels daily basis to vent their feels about how the “Idea of India” is under attack, how there is great intolerance towards dissent under present government and how Modi is acting like a fascist and so on. At least one of them went as far as visiting Toranto, Canada to attend event on this. The others like political leaders who hate for the PM and his party is well known join this orgy of allegations and there is almost no let off. The reasons given are varied from day to day and the set of people doing the so called protects are also changing from day to day. A large synchronized drama is being conducted by bring the varied set of people who have their own reasons to hate the present government.

On the other side the government ministers allege that the entire thing was created in a concerted effort to attack for political motives.

The question is the truth of all these allegations. We have on ground Bihar State Elections being conducted in a independent constitutional authority amidst all this. We have the PM and his political opponents fight it out had in these elections. This alone shows that our nation is and continue to be a thriving constitutional democracy. This is not possible if the PM is a despot and the nation is turned into an evil dictatorship as being alleged by this award wapasi club.

On the freedom of expression side, apart from this club, the political opponents of the PM continue to abuse him as before without any fear. TV news and other mainstream news outlets give prominence to all these abuses regularly without any fear from the PM and his government. Can this be a picture of a despotic dictator and the nation which is suffering immensely under his evil rule? How can the very people who appear on Television day after day, abuse the PM in most uncivilised manner  logically state that there is no scope for dissent in the nation or can say the scope for descent is shrinking is beyond anyone. 

The attacks are only aimed personally towards the Prime Minister Mr. Modi and his party. Nothing is made against the UP state government under whose watch the a Muslim was killed allegedly for killing cow and which is responsible for law and order in their state. They are not aimed at all against the Congress party under which   watch two of the three rationalists killed. While there is no serious allegations made by police that any of the people from the Prime Ministers political pasrty or people who are having the same ideology of the said party did any of the these heinous acts. Furthermore two of the three rationalists were murdered before this government even came into power. Yet somehow these people feel that this government which has no role in law and orders area and which is not even in power at that time is responsible to answer to the wild allegations made by them.

It is not that all the people who are doing this award wapasi drama themselves are clean themselves. To illustrate like Mrs. Nayanatara Saighal who got her award from Rajiv Gandhi, to whom she is fact an aunt, in 1986 just two years after massive killings of Sikhs literally presided over him in 1984, accepted the position in a major science institute with a week after emergency is lifed by Indira Gandhi. Of others there are people who lost funding from foreign donors to their NGOs, there are people who attacked Mr Modi for over a decades and rewarded by the earliest government for the same. There are people who actually canvassed against Mr Modi in the last election and even before that. Many of the same people signed petitions and made statements asking people not to vote for him. Mr. Bhargawa the aged scientist who returned his Padma award never protested when Sri Nabi Narayanan a highly reputed scientist was arrested in 1994 on flimsy grounds and kept in prison and treated inhumanly for 4 years only to be found that all the charges were false and created to sabotage the nations cryogenic engine programme. He and his kind never raised no voice when 11 scientists working in nuclear feild found dead in the last few years and no explanation was given till date why they died and if they were killed in a deliberate manner for the obvious reason of damaging our nuclear programme.    

These people have no problems with many evils taking place in our nation for decades like ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir, massacre of Sikhs by Congress leaders who later became cabinet ministers of India, Emergency rule and the countless riots and atrocities under the dark decades of Congress misrule. In fact people like Mr. Bhargawa were part of the agitation against the Kudakulam Nuclear power plant being built with the Russian help. The then Prime Minister who is famous for not speaking at all had to came out and say in public that it an anti-national agitation funded from abroad. When the writers who never objected book banning till date, historians who never asked for things like declassification of Netaji files suddenly start agitations etc people are bound to wonder if their pathological hatred for the PM and his party is the only reason for them to do so and the entire drama is politically motivated.

Further the present government made significant changed how the government is run. The elites  of Delhi establishment and cabals like NACs no longer lord over the nation and elected leadership. Gravy train schemes like Aman ki asha are no longer available to many. No wining and dining with top political leadership, no freedom to sabotage the national economic activity with the funds received from abroad, no free trips to various western nations at public cost and most painfully  no dalali opportunities to pimps from media, NGOs and other organisations. This naturally created heartburn to a large pool of people who are well known in media who can attack the government on one reason or another and create a media skeptical.

The elites now fear that the nation may look for different answers to its long pending and serious problems on its own through its elected representatives without running seek guidance from their great “thinkers” in the Nehruvian establishment that kept the people and the nation poor. When the head of the government is a person who is not a graduate from Oxford or Cambridge or even from Harvard or Yale for that matter, who is different almost in every aspect to these elitists and who is not one of them and will never be one of them and will start ignoring them all together, it is but natural for their brown sahebs and memsabs to get angry and feel.  Most importantly their divine right of deciding what Kosher is gone and hopefully gone forever. They are now being ridiculed day after day in social media which is merciless in pointing out their lies and frauds. The permanence irrelevance is staring at their face now. It is but natural for them to hate him personally.

There are also people and forces outside India which do not want to India to develop. The agitations like one against Kudakulam nuclear power plant were created for this purpose. The present government had by and large controlled the NGO funded activities in this regard. Activities of media needs a closer look.

These activities just received a boost with a report that   Moody rating agency had advised the PM to rein in the BJP numbers or lose credibility. As per the people who read the report there is no such thing and these news reports are manufactured by media. However with this the entire drama is no longer sound like some political play by disgruntled people who lost the elections a year and half back. It is now slowly turning into a fresh attempt to sabotage the economic development of our nation and destabilize the elected government by extra-constitutional means, a color revolution 2.0 modified and fine tuned for Indian conditions. An effective counter narrative is needed to be put out immediately to counter this.  

Monday, September 14, 2015

Media inventions in aew and old ways of attacking Sanathana Drama

Now the reservation provision now considered as a irrevocable proof of "caste oppression" in India. While there is some serious injustices in respect of Panchamas like SC and STs, the Shudhras were not repressed as contended. Now every on starting from all the parties to Supreme Court says that Shudhras were also oppressed for thousands of years which is a blatant lie.  The fact that caste based injustice in education and social life were not there in respect of most of the communities which are Shudhras, can not even be contended due to serious vote bank risk which no party can take now. The very fact that Shudhras were rulers in most of India being kings etc is ignored. The entire narrative is the like a AIT of 20th and 21st Century.

It shall be noted that the caste based reservations are not available anyone other than SC and ST.  The so called OBCs can only be given reservations as socially and educationally backward "class" wherein caste can only be one of the many parameters to be considered. But the other parameters are simply ignored in practice and this gives scope for allegations of misuse of reservations. While there can be no objection for reservations for people who are really backward, allowing the same to be tool for caste mobilizations is very bad.

In respect of Killing of so called rationalists, let us not jump the gun. We do not know why and how the person was killed. There is no proof against anyone and no clear evidence about the motive. So how do we know that some hot head Hindu involved in that? Three murders in three years can be related or not related to any ideological reasons. It may even be done to defame present rulers at Delhi namely BJP. This in any event one more thing to attack Hindus.

Ban on cow slaughter r is there in J&K since 1800s and the law is nothing new. The ban of sale of beet judging Jain festivals in there in Mumbai for a long time. There are similar laws in many state made under various political parties including congress party and once again BJP and Hindus are now being accused of being fascists etc.

So the old and new ways are all mixed now and new heros like that Patel fellow from Gujarat are being created by Media now. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Lack of discussion on issues in Bihar Elections.

For long Congress party gave us great programmes to uplift masses from object poverty and usher in a Utopian society. While Utopian society exists only in dreams, even the basic needs of our people are still a distant dream for most of our people. It is not impossible for us to provide these minimum things for our people. Nations which were once poor did and can become rich and people can be lifted from poverty. But while we watch nations poor nations in the South East Asia, which long suffered under colonial rule, others like Japan, Germany, South Korea all of which left in ruin in terrible wars, now raise from ashes and command their rightful places in the world and their people live much more comfortable life, our people continue to suffer. The Congress party and its leadership is clearly failed in providing what they time and again promised.
It is not that we were poor all along in our history. On the contrary, we were the richest nation in the history of the world and along with China. We were, in fact, the biggest producers, exporters and wealth creators in the history. Yet today after all these years since founding of our republic we are still not taken its rightful place. The long back established ruling elite of Congress party and its cronies in Delhi and their present day ideological (and family) successors and surrogates are responsible in biggest failure in the history of the world of governance.  Yet there is no talk of accountability or responsibilities. True, they lost few elections from time to time. But even after their loss, they always manage to dodge the question of their failure to develop our nation. Even when they fail to get 10% of the total seats in Lok Sabha they do not acknowledge their failures and mistakes. One of the principles reason for that is the fear of questioning of course is the need to protect the principle family of the party. Even under the most humiliating defeat they cannot question or face the reality and left to defend the indefensible.  
The media and other opinion makers with a few exceptions always supported the Congress Family.  The staggering level of misinformation and suppression of information can be imagined by the fact that Congress leaders could slaughter thousands on the streets of Delhi in 1984 and it failed to generate even a single question to the then Prime Minister of that time under whose watch it took place. Not even once for 5 years while he ruled or till 1991 when he died. In any other nation after a national humiliation like war with China in 1962, the Prime Minister could have been sacked by this own party. Yet instead we hear pathetic excuses. Even now it is as if many of these things have not taken place at all.  The complicity of silence and shameless lies is not just limited to media  but extended to the called intellectual class. Even the Supreme Court, which for the last few decades became quite active, failed to take any action on the horrible evil deed done in Delhi in 1984.  
Now the same tragic game of deceit and suppression of trust and evasion of responsibility is being played out in the coming Bihar elections.  Media already following the lead of Sonia as it always does. While these are early days and election notice is yet to be received, we can be certain that this narrative is not going to change.  Congress, Lalu and Nitish in between ruled Bihar state most of the time. Still the have no achievements which they can highlight in this elections.
While Nitish Kumar wishes to claim the development plank, he cannot do overtly while fighting his long term allies BJP. Not while  Lalu is his ally. There is neither acknowledgement of jungle raj of Lalu and nor any promise not to repeat the past misdeeds. Of course, we hear all about DNA, Insult to Bihar etc from him, corporate looting of poor farmers etc from Sonia, secularism etc from Lalu. They all of course claim that Central Government shall give special status for Bihar.  There is not going to be any talk of malnutrition of Children in Bihar just like there was about children of Gujarat not so long back. Naturally we will hear lot of humor from Lalu. To copy a Sanskrit saying – rest will be filled with Secularism and caste politics.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hanging Memon -

The news of impeding hanging of the terrorist Memom brought forward the terror lovers brigade in India with their regular arguments. Arguments range from that person being a actually innocent to his crimes do the warrant death sentence. Various ideas like death sentence is being bad one to fresh hearing is needed are all being floated around.
People like Owaisi – the neo Razakar congress ally from Hyderabad had implied that he is innocent and being hanged for being Muslim. A large section of the “secular” class are all trying actively to ensure the life of this terrorist is saved.
I am not going to post on the evidence which was already examined by the judiciary right up to Supreme Court of India. It is already done deal. Yet the terror lovers are not ready to accept the decision.

It is just like Narmada Wachvo Andolan which used the orders of the Supreme Court for many years to campaign that its cause is just because the Supreme Court has supported it. The moment Supreme Court has stopped supporting the Medha Patkar gang, she and her friend Arundathi Rai started making wild statements which amounted to Contemt of Court.

Same happened with the Teestha also.  As long as the judiciary passed orders against the present Prime Minister she was happy and Judiciary is saviour of life on earth and only next to god. The moment  the courts started refusing bail to her when she faced allegations of wining and dining on the money collected for riot victims welfare and for so called museums etc, the court orders amount to political vendetta.
The so called secular liberal fringes in our nation are in reality Islamic loving, Hindu hating, maoists jihadists. The same is true in many societies in Western Europe and even US.  Fortunately the hanging process may take some time with minor delays but the end is apparently inevitable. The handing will ensure a minor closure.